Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kaleidogarten is Conceived!

A Utah Valley Children's Museum has been on my radar for the 6 years that I have lived here with my family. In a community saturated with so many young families, its a wonder there isn't a Children's Museum in Utah Valley already. I hope we can get one going so that we have somewhere to take our kids! Today is the day I officially determine to make it happen: today is June 11, 2009. My goal is to have a business plan, a location, and funding in order to start up the Kaleidogarten within 1 year.

I will be sharing ideas for the museum and hope to also get your ideas and feedback. Soon I will be holding a contest to design a logo for Kaleidogarten. Help us along the way and watch our progress! I've added a donation link on the right hand column--we appreciate your support. Stay tuned!

I can be reached at